Health and wellness (aep club)


  • Menstruation Health and Wellness is an issue that every girl experiences and has to deal with once she enters adolescence. Girls have the right to know about, so many things which touch them directly or indirectly, now or later. Understanding how to manage hygiene during menstruation is definitely one of the most essential issues for girls. To bring awareness among adolescent girls a Health and Wellness workshop was held in our school between 10/12/19 and 13/12/19. All the girls studying in classes V to XII were sensitized under this programme. Dr. Heena Trivedi (Practicing Gynecologist, Conducts Gujarat Governments workshops for Health Care and Nutrition) educated the girls about the problems related to menstruation, hygiene and related physiological knowledge. It was an interactive and informative workshop and all their doubts and problems were taken care of.
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