70th Birthday Celebration of Beloved Sadguru Pujya Amma

  • The school celebrated a momentous occasion filled with love and devotion on the 27th of September – the 70th birthday of our beloved Sadguru Pujya Amma. The atmosphere was charged with spiritual energy as we gathered to honour and celebrate this special day.

    Leading the auspicious occasion, Swamini Shamadamrita Pranaji and Brahmacharini Atmamrita Chaitanyaji, performed the Paduka Puja, with an aura of reverence. It was a moment when the entire school came together in a collective prayer, and the devotion was palpable.

    Teachers and students paid their respects to Amma by participating in the Paduka Puja in their respective classrooms. Each classroom was adorned with a beautiful altar featuring Amma’s photograph, creating a serene and sacred ambiance. The entire school community united in the chanting of the Gurustotram, a harmonious chorus of devotion that resonated throughout the campus. Teachers offered fragrant flowers at Amma’s altar, accompanying their gestures with the recitation of the Ashttotharam, filling the air with a sweet fragrance of devotion.

    Later on, students were led to the bhajan hall class by class for darshan, a moment of profound spiritual connection with Amma. The divine presence was felt by all, and the purity of the moment left a lasting impression on everyone’s hearts.

    The celebration concluded with the distribution of prasad, symbolizing the blessings and love that flowed abundantly from Amma to all her devotees. This day of reverence, devotion, and celebration will remain etched in the memories of all who were fortunate to be a part of it, a true testament to the deep and abiding love we hold for our dear Amma on her 70th birthday.

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